Property Selling Tips

If this were a business and you were selling a product there are some obvious steps you would take before putting it on the market. You would perfect the appearance of your product. Your product would need a price and you would decide on a marketing strategy. Finally, you may wish to give your customers some resource information to encourage them to buy your product. When you have carefully decided on these four items, you will be in a pretty good position to sell your product. We have prepared some useful tips ......


How does your property look? The best solution is to ask someone who is willing to be honest with you to take a look and give you some feedback. For instance, your property may be wonderful inside but what is the effect as you approach it?

  • Does it need painting?
  • Is there litter outside?
  • Are your windows clean?
  • Is your garden a mess?

These are the very first impressions and they really do count.

...entering your property

  • Does the door open easily, creating a welcoming feeling?
  • Is the entrance nice and bright? If not, turn on the light to greet your visitor, especially on a gloomy day.
  • Ensure that the hallway is clear from clutter, especially if it is small. This will create a feeling of more space and welcome.
  • Does it smell good? Natural fragrances from flowers etc are better than those which are commercially manufactured.
  • Have a good clear out - especially rooms where you store junk. Your junk room could be someone else's spare bedroom.

... decoration

You can transform the look of a room without spending a fortune. If you have a room which needs to be brightened, simply decorate the walls rather than going to the expense of changing everything. People generally feel better in lighter and airy spaces so keep this in mind when choosing colours.


It is important to charge a realistic price for your property. If it is overpriced it is likely to take a long time to sell unless time is no object. On the other hand, beware of undervaluing your property, however, pricing low for a quick sale does sometimes have the desired effect. There are professionals who will independently value your property for a private sale. They will obviously charge you for this. If you have an independent valuation, you may feel more confident in the selling price. Alternatively, research the local market for similar properties which have recently sold to give you an idea on prices.

Marketing strategy

The first item on this list would be "what is the market?" for the property. Spend some time looking at the market, the type of people who you want to appeal to and the sectors where you should advertise.

Now choose the image you want to create for your property.

How will it be used?

  • second home
  • commercial property
  • income from rental
  • golfing holidays
  • family holidays
  • retirement
  • etc.

Where is it?

  • isolated
  • urban
  • coastal
  • etc.

What impression does the property give?

  • old world
  • rustic
  • refurbished
  • grand
  • homely
  • etc.

What are the special features (there is always something)?

  • private pool
  • stunning views
  • converted barn
  • looking over the local market
  • 2 minutes from the local school
  • inglenook fireplace
  • etc.

Different approaches to interest your customer.

A high quality image of the property could inspire someone to come and visit where any amount of written text will not.

Create a PDF brochure to copy and send to people who have contacted you for more information. Include lots of photographs and little anecdotal items.

Create a resource pack to assist interested people.